Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

This morning at worship I reflected on the that that if we “live by faith, not by sight,” then the world we perceive isn’t one in which we walk on roads and paths–but rather, we are standing on the shoulders of giants.  These are the people who are our heroes faith–inspirations who have served as great examples to us.  Personally I can think of many people; a friend comes to mind whose personal devotion and intellectual rigor was simply that was just impressive and commendable for some kids in high school.  I think also of a minister who had such integrity–when words match actions in faith.  And I think also of Sunday School teachers many years ago who fostered my young faith.  I’m reminded of that saying that “faith isn’t caught, it’s taught.”  That’s certainly the experience that I’ve often had.  I think of those early Sunday School classes and how I didn’t always remember what was taught (I do remember however many Noah’s Ark crafts and strange Bible stories of people wearing funny sheet-looking clothing); but what was central was that I remembered that those people teaching me cared about me, and that they were followers of Jesus.  Who are your heroes of faith?  On whose shoulders do you stand?  Take a minute and thank God for the seeds of faith they planted and which are now bearing fruit in you.

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