Signs You’re Getting Older (If You’re in Your 30’s)

m d cropBirthdays make you think about how young you are.  They could make you think about how old you are too—but I’m thinking more positive these days.

I just turned 36.  My ever-gracious wife and I have now spent half our lives together.  (We started dating in high school.)  Although we still feel young, this week on vacation while enjoying candlelight on a Floridian porch overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, we were laughing about some of the things that do indeed show we’re in a different, how shall I say, “life bracket.” Younger and older at the same time.

10:00 p.m. is now “late”

You remember a time before e-mail

Younger people don’t get my Seinfeld references

You can remember making a deposit at the bank to an actual person

You know someone who once said, “What’s the internet?”

We often call each other “mom” and “dad”

“Nirvana” is again a Buddhist concept and not primarily a rock band

You forget that “tweet” is really a bird sound

You wonder things like, “Where are the more full-figured mannequins?”

Your old Vuarnet hyper-colour shirts are now rags under the sink

You can justify a $4 coffee

7:00 a.m. is a “sleep in”

Can you relate?

Focussing on getting older every year seems natural.  Wrinkles, scars, missed opportunities, some regrets.  But when you think about it, aging isn’t about age; it’s about gratitude.  I’ve been struck by the words in Genesis summing up Abraham’s life: “Abraham breathed his last and died in a good old age, an old man and full of years, and was gathered to his people.”  I love that: “FULL of years.”  As if we are jars that get filled up with years.  We’ve been duped to think that aging is a depletion, when it’s really a renovation.

So to those of us in this “life bracket,” enjoy the mixed tape of your life!  (Remember Walkmans?)  When we play our cards right, our lives have the potential to keep on getting better. Not easier, but better.


  1. “full of years.” I remember those words from the Bible readings in Dutch in our home. I believe went, “der dagens zat….” the Dutch translation suggesting almost “fed up with life”! As a man of 75 years now I can understand those feelings, especially when dealing with chronic ailments. Good stuff, Matthew. My wife and I regularly call each other “mom”, “dad”


  2. Love this, Matthew – and I can relate to every single one of your thoughts! More importantly though – you and Laur went to Florida? With the whole fam or just the two of you?! Hooray for “one last trip before baby” (#3!) xo…..


  3. Matthew My bed time is 9 at night, but I’m a early riser no later than 7:00 . its all good. This month I’m turning 61 years , I cannot believe it, therefore after this one I won’t count any more, because I’m still the baby of the family.


  4. Hi Matthew
    I knew this day would come.
    Ben asked me if Adam and Eve’s children were those hairy cavemen?
    What would you tell your kids?

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    1. Hi Lesley, Hmmm, cavemen. I’d say that all humans are, in a way, desendents of Adam and Eve, who typify humanity. Their experiences and meant to teach us something very profound about our natures and our brokeness. The stories about Adam and Eve are really stories about all of us. I think that if we get caught up in the chronology of Adam and Eve and where they stand on the historic string of things we may miss the point. If people are human, then their natural (and existential) heritage is in Adam and Eve (until they meet Jesus). Not sure if that helps. Perhaps we can chat in person about it!


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