island v1This is fun.

Somehow you got yourself stranded on a desert island. Picture the little round one with a few palm tree from those children’s stories.

Maybe you got there from a ship wreck or plane crash. And out of the wreckage is you… and one shoe box of books.

What books would you want with you?

Now, be honest. Don’t just say what you think would impress people. As a pastor, I’m sure some people might expect me to want a volume of Barth’s Dogmatics or Calvin’s Institutes. There’s some good stuff there, but if I only have one shoe box of books for the rest of my life those had better be at the bottom of the ocean.

So, here is what I think will fit in my shoe box:

  • A Man for All Seasons (the play by Robert Bolt)
  • Saint Francis by Nikos Kazantzakis
  • The Trial by Franz Kafka
  • The Gates of the Forrest by Elie Wiesel
  • Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone
  • The ‘Eight Plays’ Collection by Henrik Ibsen
  • A knock-knock joke book. (I know, that’s weird and ironic)
  • The Collected Poems of George Herbert
  • A Hymnal
  • The Bible
  • A book (that I’ve yet to find) about how to survive on a deserted island without going bananas, especially when there aren’t any to eat

Did I mention it’s a big shoe box?

So, what would you bring?

You just have to be prepared for these things, you know.