Peace G.P.S. [Podcast]

About a dozen years ago I was speaking to a World War Two veteran after a church service. I asked for his advice. What is a good and meaningful focus for a sermon and worship service on Remembrance Day?

In his faithful wisdom, he thought it would be a good idea to keep it focused on what it was all about, on what so many died for:


He dreamed about and prayed for the day when war would no longer be a part of our lives, or the lives of our children.

So every year I try to honour his suggestion.

On November 10th I reflected on Colossians 1:15-20 and the peace Jesus is qualified to give everyone on earth.

Oh, and I also talk about how more and more people are using (and misusing) the GPS systems in their cars. (If you don’t know how that statement fits into a message about peace, it will become clear in the last five minutes.)

One last thing: In the sermon you’ll hear me talking to someone named Mark a few times. He noticed that a candle burning beside me was flopping to one side, so he intervened! lol

The message is called “Peace G.P.S.” Enjoy. And let’s continue to pray and work for a world of peace.

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