Vaccine Questions—An Interview with Dr Kelley Wright

This podcast is an interview with Dr. Kelley Wright. I’ve noticed that there is some information and mis-information swirling around about the COVID-19 vaccine. This talk is an opportunity to be better informed.

I ask if trials were bypassed, why the vaccine seemed to appear so quickly, what possible side effects there might be, and how God has been at work.

Dr. Wright has been a doctor for 22 years. She is also the medical director at five nursing homes and has served as a military medical officer with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Here is our talk, and please also see the notes below.


1/ Dr. Wright has put a 12-minute YouTube video together addressing some of these issues with additional background. You can watch it here.

2/ On January 31, 2021 at the Q and A Forum for Westminster Church I was asked to make comment on the vaccine from a faith perspective. I shared some of the general background from Dr. Wright, and then addressed a concern I had heard about the vaccine and aborted fetuses, and a consideration related to individual rights alongside community well-being and caring for neighbours. You can watch it here; this question comes up at 6:38.

3/ In the video above from the Q and A Forum, I also make mention of an article with some additional theological considerations by Pastor Paul Carter from The Gospel Coalition Canada. His post is called “Should I Get The Vaccine?” and can be read here.

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