The One Great Banquet—on earth as it is in heaven (Growing Deeper with Luke 14:1-24)

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly.

It includes different kinds of content. Sometimes I discuss a featured topic, sometimes share an interview, and sometimes lead a biblical study.

This episode is the later—a more in-depth look at Luke 14:1-24, powerful verses about banquets in this life and the life to come, humility, the poor, the resurrection of the righteous, and other surprises.

The accompanying sermon delivered on February 21, 2021 is called “The Lord of the Party” and can be accessed here.

Note: In the podcast during the discussion on humility, I reference a book on Amish parenting and said I would include the link. It’s called “More Than Happy: The wisdom of Amish Parenting,” and is by Serena Miller & Paul Stutzman.

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