Feeding the 5000 and a poor boy’s gift to Jesus (Growing Deeper with John 6:1-15)

Healing people is huge. So is feeding thousands of people. As a result, crowds were flocking to Jesus like flies to honey.

And then a boy gave him a gift. It’s a small detail, but something which serves as a huge encouragement for those of us who aren’t totally sure whether or not we can make a difference in this world.

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly. It includes different kinds of content: Interviews, featured topics, or biblical studies. This episode is the later–an in-depth look at John 6:1-15.

I take us through the text, provide some context and background information, and invite us to consider the role that was played by this anonymous boy. When you give what you’ve got to Jesus, he can do so much more with it than you can.


The sermon that goes along with this same section of text is called “Your input, God’s output” and can be accessed here.

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