The bread of life, charges of cannibalism, and competing soul appetites (Growing Deeper with John 6:25-71)

Jesus’ statement that “I am the bread of life” was extremely divisive. He went on to talk about the necessity of eating his flesh and drinking his blood. People argued with him. Some left him, never to return.

We all have deep and abiding appetites. We need to be satisfied. In fact, your soul has an appetite. Fill it with the wrong thing and it will be eternally corroded; fill it with the right thing and it will be eternally contented.

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly. It includes different kinds of content: Interviews, featured topics, or biblical studies. This episode is the later–an in-depth look at John 6:25-71.

I take us through the text, explain the meaning of Jesus’ words and why the early church was accused of cannibalism, and how we have deep appetites. I highlight four wrong ways to satisfy our deepest longings (feel-good pleasures, experiences and escapes; relationships; dark power; outward religion), and draw our attention to the only One who can meet our deepest needs.


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