Superabundant prayers to a superabundant God (Growing Deeper with Ephesians 3:14-21)

Here is what Paul does not pray for the Ephesians:

Now to him who isn’t really able to do anything, really, well perhaps a bit, but certainly less than what we ask or think, according to the patheticness at work sometimes within us, to him be lukewarm platitudes in the church, and in that nice guy Jesus, throughout this generation, maybe, but probably not more. Amen.

I’m glad he didn’t pray that. Of course he didn’t. But how many of us suffer from small thoughts about God, and have lives and prayers which reflect that sorry state of mind?

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly. It includes different kinds of content: Interviews, featured topics, or biblical studies. This episode is the later–an in-depth look at Ephesians 3:14-21. We’ve been journeying through John’s Gospel, but this week is a bit of a diversion since this is the text for this summer’s Vacation Bible Camp.

I take us through the text and invite us forward with a perspective correcting as we consider how the hugeness of God impacts our faith.

What is puzzling to you is a puzzle piece to God.


The sermon connected to this same section of text is called “Suffering from small thoughts about God no more” and can be accessed here.

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