Dead man walking and the tears of Jesus (Growing Deeper with John 11:28-57)

God spoke and light happened. The mere presence of his voice elicits action. That’s what we see outside the tomb of a beloved friend. Jesus shouts the command: “Lazarus, come out!”

Then a guy who looks like a mummy walks out of the tomb! “Unbind him, and let him go.”

That’s the dramatic part of the story. But just before the story do you want to know what happened? Was Jesus warming up his voice? Was he flexing his muscles? No. It’s the shortest verse in the Bible. “Jesus wept.”

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly. It includes different kinds of content: Interviews, featured topics, or biblical studies. This episode is the later—and in-depth look at John 11:28-57.

I walk us through the text and highlight some context and background to make the meaning more clear. I invite us to consider what it means to be Christlike in the wake of this moving story.


The sermon connected to this same section of text is called “Crying like Jesus” and can be accessed here.

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