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Does Atheism Require Blind Faith?

Some people think atheism has a monopoly on reason and science, and that only religion requires "blind faith." This post says Not So Fast, and explores how there is more to the pursuit of truth than what first meets the eye.

How to be less of a Jerk

The title of this blog speaks for itself. Mostly. Read on to steer away from Jerkville and to find out what true friends are for.

Does God Even Exist?

About twenty years ago I was on a subway in Toronto. I was taking an undergraduate degree at the time and the subway was packed. People were jammed in like […]

Are science and faith opposites?

This blog explores the idea some people have that science and faith are opposites. Here's what many people think, why they think it, and how to respond. [Reading time 5.5 minutes.]

Take the 7-Day No Complaint Challenge

There's a lot of negative junk in the world spewing out of people's mouths. Here's one very practical way to ensure you're sounding more like light (and less like death)