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The difference between over-protecting your child–and simply parenting them

We all want our kids to thrive. This blog highlights the goal of parenting, and the essential difference between over-protecting your children (and simply parenting them).


Take the 7-Day No Complaint Challenge

There's a lot of negative junk in the world spewing out of people's mouths. Here's one very practical way to ensure you're sounding more like light (and less like death)

What it’s like to be the Flanders

Remember the Flanders family from The Simpson’s TV show? They were Homer and Marge’s quirky, religious next door neighbours. Ned had those prim-and-proper sweater sets, and the kids had more […]

The lesson my kids have to keep teaching me

Because we can pronounce hyperbole and always find the Cheerios at the grocery store, we can easily think that the wisdom train only goes one way. But what if our kids were on a secret mission to teach us some things too?