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Tirritated – A new word for the resting-impaired

Busyness is a modern cultural value. As a result, a lot of us are resting less. But that negatively impacts your ability to think clearly and function well. If you want to fight "tirritation" (and learn what that means) read on.

Why I don’t always vote the same way anymore

With fluctuating polls, a new PC leader, and argumentative debates, there’s a lot of cynicism and uncertainty about what’s going to happen in the provincial election. Here are a few things to think about and why I don't always vote the same way anymore.

Is There Evidence for the Resurrection?

What if there were actual reasons for believing in the resurrection? This post responds to the 4 major conspiracy theories against the resurrection and outlines other evidences that bolster the foundation of the Christian faith.

Does Atheism Require Blind Faith?

Some people think atheism has a monopoly on reason and science, and that only religion requires "blind faith." This post says Not So Fast, and explores how there is more to the pursuit of truth than what first meets the eye.

How to be less of a Jerk

The title of this blog speaks for itself. Mostly. Read on to steer away from Jerkville and to find out what true friends are for.

Does God Even Exist?

About twenty years ago I was on a subway in Toronto. I was taking an undergraduate degree at the time and the subway was packed. People were jammed in like […]