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Note that some resources are simply published as blog format and can be accessed on the blog page here.

Are denominations biblical? 2019. A 5-page draft document for discussion to help us think through the role and function of denominations as churches seek to focus on Christ, his work, and apostolic teaching, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Author: Matthew Ruttan: m-ruttan-are-denominations-biblical-draft-2019-05

“Alive and Powerful,” Understanding The Bible. 2015. A 12-page non-academic paper about better understanding the authority of the Bible and help for those wishing to study and interpret it. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2015 03 – Alive and Powerful – Understanding the Bible – M Ruttan – w2

Heaven and Hell – What does the Bible teach about what is true (instead of what we want to be true). 2019. A 44-page manuscript of a teaching series at Westminster church in January 2019. Author: Matthew Ruttan: Heaven and Hell – MANUSCRIPT – M Ruttan – 2019 01

Does God Even Exist? – The 1 Question That Changes Everything. 2017. A 27-page pdf document which summarizes a teaching series I led at Westminster church in autumn 2017. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2017-10-Does-God-Even-Exist-M-Ruttan-Series-Manuscript


When You Seek God You See God. 2016. A 2-page summary of 10 “spiritual disciplines.” Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2016 03 04 spiritual disciplines handout

But Not BECAUSE You’re Good. 2016. A 1-page children’s story for ministry leaders to use in church. Author: Matthew Ruttan: kids time-M Ruttan-2016 01 17-Not because you’re good

Red Letter Focus. Everything Jesus Ever Said in 90 Days. 2015. A 1-pager that guides you through Jesus’ teachings with 5-minute readings over a period of 90 days. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2015 09 M Ruttan Red Letter Focus

The Fruit of the Spirit. 2015. A 1-page handout from a message I delivered on September 27, 2015 at Westminster. It lists the nine fruit of the Spirit, accompanying principles, and definitions: The Fruit of the Spirit – handout – 2015 09 27 – M Ruttan

Some of the Most Referenced Commands of God. 2015. A 1-pager that shares 3 of the most referenced commands of God in the Bible. Author: Matthew Ruttan: M Ruttan – Most Referenced Commandments

Out Of The Gate — Where to Start When You Read The Bible. 2015. This 1-pager gives you some advice about how to start reading the Bible (and where). It also gives some advice about which translation to pick. Author: Matthew Ruttan: M Ruttan – Out of the Gate – Bible Reading

Can You Trust The Bible About The Resurrection? 2015. A 9-page paper answering those questions in non-academic language. I take some of the most popular objections to the reliability of the Gospel accounts and answer them. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2015 04 M Ruttan Can You Trust The Bible About The Resurrection

Equipping You To Answer Your Kids’ Tough Questions. 2014. A 1-pager I prepared for Westminster’s 30-somethings group (L.I.F.T.) when talking about faith-formation in kids: equipping you to answer kids tough questions–handout

A 1-Page Summary Chart of the Bible’s 66 Books. A 1-pager I prepared for a session I led on “The Bible in 45 minutes.” It’s designed to be printed and included as a (very!) short summary in the back of your Bible: The Bible in 45 Minutes-biblical overview chart-66 books

How Did We Get the Popular Version of the Lord’s Prayer? A 1-pager I prepared to answer this very question especially in light of the fact that the Lord’s Prayer looks different in our modern Bibles: 2015 03 M Ruttan Lord’s Prayer evolution

Prayer Advice from Martin Luther. 2015. A 1-pager to help us go deeper in prayer, based on the advice German theologian Martin Luther gave to his barber in the 1500’s: 2015 03 M Ruttan Luther Prayer Advice

Marriage Vows. Here are the traditional marriage vows used at Westminster Presbyterian Church: 2015 Marriage Vows

The Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed. Historic faith statements of the global Christian community: Apostles Creed Nicene Creed

“Living Faith” — A faith statement of the Presbyterian Church in Canada: Living Faith

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