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Heaven and Hell – What does the Bible teach about what is true (instead of what we want to be true). 2019. A 44-page manuscript of a teaching series at Westminster church in January 2019. Author: Matthew Ruttan: Heaven and Hell – MANUSCRIPT – M Ruttan – 2019 01

Does God Even Exist? – The 1 Question That Changes Everything. 2017. A 27-page pdf document which summarizes a teaching series I led at Westminster church in autumn 2017. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2017-10-Does-God-Even-Exist-M-Ruttan-Series-Manuscript

When You Seek God You See God. 2016. A 2-page summary of 10 “spiritual disciplines.” Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2016 03 04 spiritual disciplines handout

But Not BECAUSE You’re Good. 2016. A 1-page children’s story for ministry leaders to use in church. Author: Matthew Ruttan: kids time-M Ruttan-2016 01 17-Not because you’re good

Red Letter Focus. Everything Jesus Ever Said in 90 Days. 2015. A 1-pager that guides you through Jesus’ teachings with 5-minute readings over a period of 90 days. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2015 09 M Ruttan Red Letter Focus

The Fruit of the Spirit. 2015. A 1-page handout from a message I delivered on September 27, 2015 at Westminster. It lists the nine fruit of the Spirit, accompanying principles, and definitions: The Fruit of the Spirit – handout – 2015 09 27 – M Ruttan

Some of the Most Referenced Commands of God. 2015. A 1-pager that shares 3 of the most referenced commands of God in the Bible. Author: Matthew Ruttan: M Ruttan – Most Referenced Commandments

Out Of The Gate — Where to Start When You Read The Bible. 2015. This 1-pager gives you some advice about how to start reading the Bible (and where). It also gives some advice about which translation to pick. Author: Matthew Ruttan: M Ruttan – Out of the Gate – Bible Reading

Can You Trust The Bible About The Resurrection? 2015. A 9-page paper answering those questions in non-academic language. I take some of the most popular objections to the reliability of the Gospel accounts and answer them. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2015 04 M Ruttan Can You Trust The Bible About The Resurrection

“Alive and Powerful,” Understanding The Bible. 2015. A 12-page non-academic paper about better understanding the authority of the Bible and help for those wishing to study and interpret it. Author: Matthew Ruttan: 2015 03 – Alive and Powerful – Understanding the Bible – M Ruttan – w2

Equipping You To Answer Your Kids’ Tough Questions. 2014. A 1-pager I prepared for Westminster’s 30-somethings group (L.I.F.T.) when talking about faith-formation in kids: equipping you to answer kids tough questions–handout

A 1-Page Summary Chart of the Bible’s 66 Books. A 1-pager I prepared for a session I led on “The Bible in 45 minutes.” It’s designed to be printed and included as a (very!) short summary in the back of your Bible: The Bible in 45 Minutes-biblical overview chart-66 books

How Did We Get the Popular Version of the Lord’s Prayer? A 1-pager I prepared to answer this very question especially in light of the fact that the Lord’s Prayer looks different in our modern Bibles: 2015 03 M Ruttan Lord’s Prayer evolution

Prayer Advice from Martin Luther. 2015. A 1-pager to help us go deeper in prayer, based on the advice German theologian Martin Luther gave to his barber in the 1500’s: 2015 03 M Ruttan Luther Prayer Advice

Marriage Vows. Here are the traditional marriage vows used at Westminster Presbyterian Church: 2015 Marriage Vows

The Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed. Historic faith statements of the global Christian community: Apostles Creed Nicene Creed

“Living Faith” — A faith statement of the Presbyterian Church in Canada: Living Faith

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