A Prayer for Justin Trudeau

beauty reviewLord, you know what it’s like to lead.

The rest of us can only imagine the cacophony of personalities and competing priorities, the stress and solitude, the temptations and trials.

But also the opportunity.

No matter who we support, we all seem to want a Canada that is “true north strong and free.”

And so we pray for our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

We pray for his family. Protect Sophie, Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien. Deliver them from evil. We can only imagine that leading a country puts wild strain on a family. During the Trudeau tenure, make their bond stronger—not weaker.

Inject Prime Minister Trudeau with wisdom. So much wisdom that others will gaze drop-jawed at his smart decisions.

Hard-wire him with humility. So much humility that he sees his leadership not as a chance to rule the many, but to serve the many.

Weave into his being the certainty that humility isn’t the limp of the weak, but the muscle of the strong. And that every Canadian, regardless of who they are, is deserving of respect.

Make him steadfast. In a world of uncertain values, 24-hour non-stop news and fear-mongering, keep his eyes focused on you, the Author of goodness, and the engine of your unstoppable love and truth.

Lord, none of us agree on everything. Maybe we’re too human for that. But we all seem to want a leader with expanding integrity. Free him from the tyranny of pettiness and distraction. Liberate him with a heart that pumps with the right perspective and priorities.

Finally, help Prime Minister Trudeau know he was custom made to make a mark only he can make. As he leads, make him so heavenly minded that he’s of unstoppable earthly use.

May he—and all of us—live the words we sing: To stand on guard for our country, and support you in keeping your land glorious and free.

Bless Prime Minister Trudeau with protection, a strengthened family, wisdom, humility, steadfastness and integrity, as he leads our Maple-flavored country from sea to sea.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Photo Jim Young/Reuters


  1. A well written prayer for our Prime Minister. I also pray for his adversaries that they will acknowledge the Prime Ministers positive decisions and work together for the good of Canada.


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