Reading and understanding the Bible when you’re by yourself

In The Pulse Podcast there are interviews, weekly biblical studies, and also featured talks. This episode is a category of the later.

Reading the Bible is one thing. Understanding it is another.

Sure, some passages seem straightforward enough. But others can leave us scratching our heads.

When we’re in a small group or study group there are opportunities to ask questions; that certainly helps. When a pastor explains context and background in a sermon, that helps as well. A Study Bible with those little footnotes can also provide some clarity, but not always.

What about when you’re alone?

In this episode I share five principles of interpretation by reformer Heinrich Bullinger. They’re over 500 years old but have stood the test of time. I explain them, and then provide examples from each one.

The more you get into God’s word, the more God’s word gets into you.



Five Helpful Study Bibles (blog with links)

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