The vitality of Bible Study – a talk with Douglas Rollwage

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly.

It includes feature topics, interviews, and weekly biblical studies.

This episode is a talk with Douglas Rollwage about the vitality of Bible study for Jesus’ followers.

Douglas is in his 33rd year of pastoral ministry. He has served congregations in Kingston, Toronto, and currently, Charlottetown.

A deep love of and respect for scripture has made Bible study a cornerstone of Douglas’ ministry; he regards indepth (and entertaining!) Bible study as forum for congregational discipleship and leadership development, as well as a strong source of community outreach and church growth.

Douglas has also had the privilege of leading many congregants, clergy and students on annual archaeological, historical and Biblical pilgrimages to Israel, as well as Greece and Turkey. Encountering the events of the New Testament and words of Jesus, Paul, and others ‘on site’ has proven inspirational and transformational.

Douglas has served the church locally, provincially and nationally, and served as Moderator of the 142nd General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

In our talk we cover a lot of meaningful ground! We discuss:

  • A review of his Bible Study program (in-person and online)
  • Studying the Bible as studying your own story, your own family, our God, and your place within that story
  • How we would view the Bible if we viewed it as Jesus did
  • Internalizing the scriptures
  • What makes a “successful” Bible study
  • Reading the scriptures in community and not just by yourself
  • A community of study as a counter to (the misinformation of) the internet
  • “The more you know God the deeper your relationship with God is going to be.”
  • The inspiring and lasting impact of going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  • How archaeological discoveries continue to confirm the New Testament accounts
  • Pushbacks to the trustworthiness of the Bible
  • Some of the ways modern theological education can ill-equip Bible teachers
  • How Bible Study can be outreach
  • An encouraging word for those who just aren’t sure


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