The Two Ways [Sermon]

We live in a world of choices. But Psalm 1 foregrounds a big one. Will we choose the way of the righteous, or the way of the wicked? This sermon introduces a series on the most famous psalms, and explores Psalm 1, the “gateway” to the psalsm.

Tradition or Traditionalism [Sermon]

Healthy traditions give life. Unhealthy traditionalism doesn’t. One is the “living faith of the dead,” the other is the “dead faith of the living.” This sermon from Palm Sunday on Psalm 118 explores the difference and how God-honouring traditions can stabilize us in a world that feels increasingly chaotic.

Bleedership [Sermon]

Leadership is desperately needed — and not just from others, and not just in ‘official’ capacities. You have many opportunities to show unofficial leadership. This sermon on John 19:1-16 explores some critical historical context to highlight the kind of leader Jesus was, and who we can emulate.

How to get the most out of a sermon

If you follow Jesus, listening to sermons is a significant part of your discipleship. They are called a “means of grace” (i.e. they can be a channel of God’s generosity, guidance and help in your life, even via imperfect preachers). So don’t you want to understand, make the most of, and engage with them? This talk provides practical assistance. It’s about being proactive, not passive.

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