But Deliver Us From Evil: Understanding the spirit-world battle you’re already in [Podcast]

What do you mean about a “spirit-world battle”?

I know, I know. To a lot of people, it sounds pretty crazy. It sounded crazy to me for a long time too.

I get asked about demons, angels, and Satan a lot. High-schoolers to senior-homers are curious. People wonder, ‘Is all this stuff for real?’ ‘Does it just reflect a prescientific understanding of things?’ ‘Why did Jesus talk about the Devil and demons so much?’

Great questions. Truth is, we don’t talk about it as much as we should. As a result, many of us are in the dark.

And much of what we do know is influenced by strange things we see in popular culture and Hollywood movies.

In this podcast (sermon) I talk about why this topic has become less popular, encourage us to take the Devil and the demonic realm seriously, and provide four pieces of clear, understandable help for being Jesus’ people of truth and love in a world where evil is very much real.

It is based on Luke 4:1-11. And let me just tell you that there is no need to fear. The podcast is Part 4 in our current teaching series called “Apprenticeship 2.0: Working more closely with the Master to learn the Master’s craft more clearly.”

Imagine yourself playing football with God as your quarterback. But the other team simply isn’t there! You think that scoring touchdowns is going to be easy. But then you start the game and you can’t score—you keep running into roadblocks and frustrations for some reason. You start to think that either (a) you’re incompetent, or (b) your quarterback (God) is incompetent. But then someone tells you that there is in fact an opponent; it’s just that you can’t see them. Up until now you’ve just been misled. In response, you learn more about the opponent and properly equip yourself for a new kind of battle—a battle you can win if you are simply properly informed. That’s what happens when we take the spiritual warfare and the spirit-world seriously, and equip ourselves accordingly.

The podcast is called: “But deliver us from evil: Understanding the spirit-world battle you’re already in.” Listen in…

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