Asking God For a Sign [Video]

Have you ever asked God for sign? Have you ever wanted to? Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about asking God for a sign?

After all, life overflows with difficult decisions, ambiguous pathways, and sundry uncertainties. That’s why asking God for some kind of clarity or confirmation can be so enticing!

That’s what I explored in a teaching on September 1, 2019 at Westminster. I looked at various passages to better our understanding about signs, leveraged an insight from the story of the reluctant leader Gideon, and the “Triangle of Discernment” which highlights 3 ways to help clarify what God’s will might be for the specific questions and challenges you face in life.

God’s wisdom might be more accessible—and obtainable—than you think.

Below is a video of the teaching, and underneath is a link to the audio-only.

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Audio only:

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