Why Christmas is difficult for so many people

For many, Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of the year. Here’s a thought about why that might be, and what to do about it.


At Christmas people are 100% happy all the time, right?


Despite the incessant jingle of bells and copious amounts of egg nog, Christmas is a tough time for a lot of people.

And for more reasons than you’d think.

Some articles focus on the unique challenges of grief, depression or financial strain at this time of year. But this post is about something else.

And it can impact people regardless of what kind of year they’ve had, how much money they have, or what they believe. Here it is.

For many people, Christmas has become about what they think life should ideally be like.

It’s when many people want to somehow ‘capture’ something. And that something usually has to do with their dreams and desires for their own life.

As a result, they make plans, put their best foot forward, and try to capture an experience or memory worthy…

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