Armageddon, Part 2: Why will the world end, and how?

If the world as we know it will end, why will it end? What’s the reason?

And if it’s going to happen, how is it going to happen?

These are the not-to-be-taken-lightly questions that I address in Part 2 of the teaching series I’m currently leading called Armageddon: What we know about the end of the world (and the difference it makes). [Click here to watch a 40-second introduction video to the series.]

In this podcast:

  • I answer some preliminary questions like, ‘Where does the name Armageddon come from?’, ‘Are we living in the end times?’ and ‘When will the world end?’
  • I sketch human history in six large ‘chapters’ to explain why the world as we know it will end.
  • I explain four of the ‘hows’ about how the world will end with the return of Jesus.
  • I take us through Revelation 19:11-16 to explain some of the often-neglected meanings of this highly dramatic end-times text.

The podcast is called “Why will the world end, and how?” You can listen to the audio here:

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