Questions about Christmas

How old was Mary? Is Santa based on a Saint? Is culture becoming more hostile toward Christmas? Here are my responses to these questions (and more). Enjoy!

Some of you have questions about Christmas. But the season rushes at us with such fearsome fury that we do our best just to hang on. As a result, many of our questions go unanswered.

So this post responds to some of the questions you have shared with me. Enjoy!

How old would Mary have actually been when she had Jesus?

The Bible doesn’t specifically say how old Mary was. But based on ancient custom, she would have been very young, probably between 12 and 14. That would have been fairly normal.

Were Joseph and Mary married or engaged when Jesus was born?

This one can be confusing because the meaning of the word “engaged” has changed.

Joseph and Mary’s families would have arranged their engagement and marriage. It was a legal contract.

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Matthew 1:18 says they were “pledged to be married” or “engaged” or “betrothed” when Mary became pregnant…

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