The Courage Equation [Sermon]

What will you face in 2020?

No matter what it is, I’m guessing that you’re going to need courage. I certainly will.

Maybe it’s courage for an unknown chapter of your life; to face a diagnosis; to face a diagnosis for someone you love; to make a hard, gut-wrenching decision; to get up in the morning to face depression; to deal with the daggers of anxiety; to parent or grandparent; to overcome an addiction; to get out from under financial problems; to navigate a challenging relationship; or to wrestle with what the purpose for your life is because you’re just not so sure anymore.

But how?

That’s what I explore in this year’s Christmas Eve sermon. I explore two texts, Luke 2:1-20 and Luke 1:46-55, offer “the courage equation,” and four suggestions about how to draw closer to God in your pursuit of courage.

Here is the sermon video, and underneath is the audio-only file.



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