I know prayer is important, but it’s a constant battle. Can you give some tips? [Video]

I really appreciate this honest question that someone submitted for Westminster Church’s monthly Q & A Forum.

If one person has it, I’m sure others do as well.

In the 10-minute video below, I more fully explain these seven points that I offered in response:

1. Prayer is downplayed in a world where we think that ‘actions speak louder than words’
2. We are in a state of war, spiritually speaking
3. Be consistent, whether you want to pray or not
4. Pray honestly and sincerely, not feeling any pressure to use fancy words
5. Use the Lord’s Prayer as a guide
6. Make a list
7. Pray in Jesus’ name and for God’s will to be done

Here is the video:

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Click here to read the blog “What did Jesus actually say about prayer? which I reference in the video.


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