Wandering Into Uncertainty Successfully [Sermon]

There’s an old saying for travelers: The headlights of your car only light up the road 15 feet at a time, but they will get you all the way to your destination.

Well, that’s like life as we journey with God.

Because of Covid-19 many of us feel like we’re wandering into the dark, into uncertainty. We have limited knowledge about our future, our well-being, and what we can control.

So in this sermon from April 26, 2020, I shared four insights from Deuteronomy 8 and the Hebrews’ experience of wandering through the wilderness to help us today wander into uncertainty successfully.

The path ahead may not be as clear as we’d like, but remember this: The Lord leads us all the way, but he does it day by day.

Here is the YouTube version, and the audio-only download is underneath:


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