Heaven’s Expats [Sermon]

I’m a citizen of two different places at the same time. And if you’re a follower of Jesus, you are too. I’m a Canadian. But I’m also something more.

In Philippians 3:20 Paul talks about a heavenly citizenship. In John 18:36 Jesus says his kingdom is “not of this world.” In light of this, in this sermon from June 28, 2020, I suggest that followers of Jesus are heaven’s expats.

Expats are people who are living in a country they didn’t come from. Granted, all metaphors break down at some point; and I’m certainly not suggesting some strange idea that we pre-existed our time on earth in heaven and then entered our earthly bodies as babies! What I’m doing is using this idea of being heaven’s expats to suggest that our primarily allegiance and identity is not actually Canadian. It is to the place of our primary citizenship.

Our key question as we approach Canada Day is this: How does our eternal citizenship impact our Canadian citizenship? Because it should. I take us through Psalm 85 and highlight four characteristics that God’s people can use to flavour their current, temporary homeland.

Here is the YouTube version, and the audio-only download is underneath:

Audio-only download:

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