Hitched To Hope [Sermon]

Are you carrying heavy burdens? (Probably.)

Do you want to persevere and move forward? (Me too.)

In this message from November 22, 2020 based on James 5:1-12, I take us through the text and talk about how perseverance is hitched to hope. Think of it like this. Imagine a trailer of heavy stones. They’re just sitting there. If you want to move them forward, what do you do? You hitch them to something like a half-ton truck. It has the power to do the job. Well, that’s just like the role hope plays when we need to persevere and are carrying heavy burdens.

James offers some big picture perspective about hope, and also some practical help for the here and now.

You can watch the YouTube version here; and the audio-only download is underneath:

Audio-only download:

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