An Army Chaplain reflects on the pandemic, resiliency, and becoming stronger as a country—a talk with Rev. the Capt. Andrew Cameron

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly.

Sometimes I discuss a featured topic, sometimes share an interview, and sometimes lead a biblical study.

This episode is an interview with Reverend the Captain Andrew Cameron, a minister serving as a chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces.

During his 23 year career he has served as an infantryman with the Third Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Regiment in Edmonton for 10 years, been deployed overseas a number of times, both to Bosnia and Afghanistan, and is currently posted to a base in Quebec.

Here are some of the topics we touch on:

  • Is saying ‘living through the pandemic is like living through wartime’ a fair comparison?
  • The nature of the indelible scar being left on a generation of people
  • Cultivating resiliency
  • Maintaining community and protecting the vulnerable
  • The sovereignty of God when our lives are continually changing
  • Words from a wise warrant officer
  • The difference between optimism and hope, and the role humour plays
  • Self-care is not selfishness
  • Lessons we may (or may not) have learned from living through a pandemic

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