Do Not Be Afraid [Sermon]

We are living in a time of upheaval, a stampede of fear.

In general, people can fear illness, job loss, environmental collapse, family breakdown and death.

More recently, the list seems to be getting longer: germs, other people, the loss of normal, an indescribable and creeping gray, the news.

  • Fear is a bully who grows when unchallenged.
  • Fear is a weed in the garden of your mind, and it is happy to take over if you let it.

In this sermon from Christmas Eve 2021 [also cross-posted as an episode on The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan] I look at Luke 2:8-14 and explain how fear retreats where Christ advances.

The YouTube video presentation version is below, and the audio-only download is underneath.

The message is called “Do Not Be Afraid.”

Enjoy — and do not be afraid.

YouTube video version:

Audio-only download:

In addition, you can access a more comprehensive look at Luke 2:1-20 as a part of this study called “The Christmas Story Re-examined” by clicking here. Or you can look it up wherever you subscribe to podcasts — iTunes (Apple), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or TuneIn).

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