A Gallup poll revealed that 81% of people believe in heaven, but only 69% believe in hell. We like to believe in things we like, like heaven; but not in things we don’t, like hell, right?

But speaking about final judgment in Matthew 25 Jesus said that some people will “go into eternal life,” but others “will go away into eternal punishment.”

On January 6 I started a new 5-part teaching series at Westminster Church. It’s called “Heaven and Hell – What does the Bible teach about what is true (instead of what we want to be true).

Have you ever wondered what heaven is like, or what hell is like? Have you ever wondered what Jesus teaches about these things? Have you ever wondered who goes where? If so, maybe you’ll find this series helpful.

In this post you can listen to Part 1. It lays out the series and focuses on the question ‘How do we know?’

We are to live wisely—not based on what we want to be true, but on what actually is.

I invite you to listen in. This may be one of the most important topics you ever explore: