Heaven & Hell, Part 2 – What is heaven like? [Podcast]

Unless you’re a robot, you’ve probably wondered what heaven is like. After all, all of us are one heartbeat away from death.

Will we meet God? What will we do?

Plus, we all have loved ones who have died who we hope are in heaven. If so, what is it like for them? Are they really experiencing joy? Are they aware of what goes on down here on earth?

The bottom line is that heaven is better than we could imagine — and the Bible gives us some awesome insights about what to expect. Think of your best experience in this life. In heaven, by comparison, even those things that have brought us incredible joy and peace on earth will seem boring by comparison.

In this sermon, I first debunk four untruths about heaven (no, it’s not like a boring extended vacation somewhere). Second, I highlight several incredible truths about what the Bible actually teaches about the nature of heaven.

If you’re not hungry for heaven, you’ve been misinformed. It is a place all of us should want to go! And it’s a place all of us should want other people to go to as well!

Listen in! The message is part 2 of the “Heaven and Hell” series and is called “What is heaven like?”

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