Help When It Hurts (summary video, links)

Here’s a video that summarizes my 3-part teaching series called “Help When It Hurts.”

It includes the rationale for the series (hint: hurt is a part of life, but it doesn’t need to be the defining part); the six guiding principles; and summaries for each podcast:

Full podcasts (click on title to listen):

PART 1: ‘WITHness

PART 2: “How having a purpose helps with the pain

PART 3: “Emerging from the ashes of what you’ve been through

About Matthew Ruttan:
I’m the author of “Up! – 313 Devotionals To Help You Start Your Day in a Biblical, Relevant Way.” I’ve served as the pastor at Westminster Church in Barrie for over 10 years, write a daily devotional called “Up!”, am married to Laura, and am navigating the sacred trust of raising three wonder-filled children. I believe that if you have a life-changing faith, your faith should be changing your life. Learn more here.

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