WITHness: “Help when it hurts” – Part 1 [Podcast]

Let’s be honest. Life can hurt.

There are worries, disappointments, broken dreams, challenging relationships, health problems, pain.

Max Lucado once said: “If hurts were hairs, we’d all look like grizzlies.” So true. Sometimes people can’t see the hurts and burdens that we carry around, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Well, biblical teachings take our hurts seriously. In fact, they presume that life will be difficult. But it also offers help for the hurting—which either has been you, is you, or could be you at any time.

None of us are offered a free pass; but we are promised God’s presence and help through the pain.

This is exactly what I’m exploring with the psalms of lament in a new 3-part teaching series called “Help When It Hurts.”

In this podcast from Part 1, I explore Psalm 80. The podcast is called “WITHness.”

If you have hurt, are hurting, or could hurt at some point in the future, then this series is for you. Let’s journey together and develop a more mature response to the hurts we face in life. Listen in:

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