Three-Legged Pace: The Holy Spirit, Part 2 of 2 [Podcast]

Talk about The Holy Spirit can confuse people.

I remember a school dance in grade seven. A teacher told me that we needed to “leave room for the Holy Spirit” between dance partners.

So whoever the Holy Spirit was, he was apparently about three-quarters of a foot wide and didn’t want hormone-filled kids pressing up against each other!

All joking aside, many people want to know more about the Spirit.

“Who (or what) is the Holy Spirit?” “How do I know if the Spirit is working through me?” “Do you have to be ‘super-spiritual’ for the Spirit?” “Does it or he make you feel differently?”

That’s why I’m leading a targeted teaching on the Spirit on July 21 and 28.

For Part 1 I explored insights about the Spirit that apply to Christians generally. (If you missed it, the podcast is called “The Advocate” and you can hear it here.)

For Part 2 on July 28 I explore insights about the Spirit that apply to Christians specifically. In other words, if Christians are supposed to “have” the Holy Spirit, does he work the same way in everyone?

Have you ever wondered about the Holy Spirit? Do you wonder how the Spirit is active in your life? If so, I hope these messages will be really helpful to you.

Listen in. The message is called “Three-Legged Pace.” (And no, that’s not a typo.)

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