The Advocate: The Holy Spirit, Part 1 of 2 [Podcast]

A lot of people have questions about the Holy Spirit:

  • Is the Holy Spirit an “it” or a “who”?
  • Is the Holy Spirit the same as God?
  • What does the Holy Spirit actually do?
  • If Christians are supposed to “have” the Holy Spirit, does he work the same way in everyone?
  • Does it make you feel differently?
  • Do you have to be super-spiritual for the Spirit?

For two Sundays I’m teaching a 2-part mini series on the Holy Spirit. In this podcast from July 21st I share some insights about the Spirit which apply to all Christians.

Have you ever wondered about the Holy Spirit? Do you wonder how the Spirit is active in your life? If so, I hope these messages will be really helpful to you.

Pastor Francis Chan said, “the Holy Spirit is as essential to a believer’s existence as air is to staying alive.” If so we better learn more!

Listen in. The message is called “The Advocate.”

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