Armageddon, Part 1: Getting Our Bearings with Dr Brian Irwin

There’s a lot of speculation about the end of the world. And it’s growing.

Hollywood makes movies about it. People ask Siri or Google about it. Some people can’t stop talking about it. Some just scratch their heads!

The Bible teaches that the world as we currently know it won’t last forever. So that’s what I’m exploring in this new Sunday morning teaching series called Armageddon: What we know about the end of the world (and the difference it makes).

[A 40-second introduction video is below, underneath the audio of the interview.]

For Part 1 on November 17, I interviewed Dr. Brian Irwin to help us get our bearings. He has a PhD from the University of St. Michael’s College. He holds degrees in Near Eastern Studies, Historical Geography of Ancient Israel, and Old Testament from the University of Toronto, Jerusalem University College and the University of St. Michael’s College respectively.

Brian has taught in Toronto and New York City and is currently Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scripture at Knox College in Toronto. He teaches a course on end-times issues and has also written a yet-to-be-published book about it. He’s also my former Old Testament professor from seminary! He has a big brain, big heart, and is super-engaging.

Here’s the audio to Part 1:

40-second introduction video to the series:

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  1. I was so pleased to be able to listen to your interview with Dr Brian Irwin. I took the Ewart College lay education course, A Presbyterian’s Guide to the End of the World during the winter of 2018 and Dr Irwin was the instructor. I wish I had have been able to hear him in person on November 17th. He is a fantastic instructor. So very, very knowledgeable on the topic!


    1. Hi Heather, I’m so glad you found the interview helpful! Yes, Brian is great — so engaging, intelligent and faithful. I look forward to the book coming out at some point (which will be, I think, closely related to the content of the course). Enjoy the rest of the series!


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