Why is there so much evil and suffering if there is a benevolent being? [Video]

It’s a huge question. Perhaps the biggest:

Why is there so much evil and suffering if there is a benevolent being?

This was one of the questions I received in the monthly ‘Q & A Forum’ at Westminster Church in Barrie.

There’s no silver bullet answer. If there was, we’d all know it. But in this 12-minute video, I offer some biblical insights that I think are helpful.

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One comment

  1. For those who consider how Good God is, understanding how to answer this is important. I can’t help those who feel that God is a monster, they already have the answer they want.
    I can say that God said ‘It was good’, and ‘it is very good’.
    Before the Fall, it was good, after the Fall, God didn’t say Creation was Good. The Creation was broken due to Man’s choice. They chose human reasoning over Devine instruction.
    We now have horrendous consequences due to Human choice.
    Now the most innocent suffer due to influences they didn’t get to choose for themselves.
    Many of us take comfort from looking forward to day when Creation will be made new.


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