July 7, 2016 
— At Home With Scripture: The Bible and Youth Ministry. The Bible is anthe bible and youth ministry Essential Resource for Growing in Faith. Explore Ways to Faithfully Engage Youth in the Scriptures. This was a presentation to youth ministry leaders at Canada Youth 2016 at Brock University in St. Catherines. The presentation stretched over three hours and was interactive, but here is the outline in pdf format: 2016 07 07 – At home with Scripture – M Ruttan – Canada Youth 2016

May 31, 2015Be The Evidence That Someone’s Life Made a Difference. I was honoured to be
the guest speaker at Langford Cemetery’s 10th Annual Heritage Day in Bracebridge, Ontario. Gary Denniss coordinated the event which included bagpipes, the dedication of a new columbarium, and remembering the veterans who are interred in the cemetery. A blog is coming out soon that will summarize what I 140 Anniversary  May 31 2015  -7spoke about. Pictured to the right is me speaking earlier that day as the guest speaker at the 140th Anniversary of Knox Church. Photo credit: Fred McKeen.

April 18, 2015It’s About People: Using Social Media and An Online Presence to Welcome, Connect and Engage. A group of pastors and elders from the Barrie, Muskoka and Simcoe regions gathered for an educational workshop led by John-Peter Smit. I was happy to be one of the workshop leaders in the afternoon sessions on various topics. This presentation focused specifically on social media (Facebook, Twitter), websites and group email as tools of the church: M Ruttan 2015 04 It’s About People-presbytery

March 7, 2015 — A presentation to the Renewal Fellowship about the story of Westminster’s renewal and how we’re trying to connect with multiple generations. (No presentation download available.)

MR HMFebruary 21, 2015 It’s About People: Using Social Media and Technology to Welcome, Connect and Engage. This was a presentation at Living Faith Community Presbyterian Church in Baxter, Ontario. I offered data on the use of the internet and social media in Canada, some advice on how to interpret some of that data, and techniques and best practices about how to engage some of these tools to welcome, connect and engage people principally in the life of faith and in the church. (On the right, that’s host pastor Heather Malnick and me after the event.)

June 25, 2014 — A talk at Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, at one of their memorial services for those who have had loved ones pass away in the past 4 months. My talk focused on freedom and how “freedom is having a say in your own future.” I stressed 5 points that are helpful in people’s experience of grief and loss.

November 2, 2013 — A workshop in 3 parts to a group in Muskoka called Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore. Understanding a Changing Canada and Ideas About How to be Vibrant Churches in a New Age.  The workshop drew from research about cultural trends in Canada since World War 2 and offered ideas about being vibrant churches in light of this new age, again drawing from research and from my own experience. Click this link for a .pdf print copy of my remarks: 2013 11 02 Ruttan Toto We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – for distr

October 8, 2013 — A presentation to the presbytery of Barrie (a collection of church elders and ministers from the area of Simcoe and Muskoka) on using technology in the church. The presentation was called Using Technology in the Church to Welcome, Connect and Engage. It mostly focused on the use of websites, group email and Facebook, supplemented by information on internet use and trends in Canada. Click here to read my blog on this topic.

September 2013 — A talk to seminary students at Knox College in Toronto (Crieff Hills Retreat Centre), about my learnings from the first 5 years of ministry. (List of recommended resources no longer available online.)

June 2, 2013 — I gave a presentation to the national annual meeting of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (called a General Assembly).  It was part of an initiative called Good News Stories in the Church “Vibrant Connections.”  If you click here you can watch a video of my presentation about Westminster.  Scroll down and watch. I start about 6 minutes in to the video.

May 4, 2013.  “Thrivival,” congregational case study on the effectiveness of implementing some of the 12 Keys to an Effective Church materials at Westminster (to the Stewards by Design Conference).

November 2012.  “Pit Bulls, Hockey Stars & Jesus Christ–Trying to Generalize What “Works” at Westminster Presbyterian Church.”  This was my contribution to Knox College’s (Toronto) “Church in the Wilderness: Signs of Life” annual Macdonald lecture.  I was invited to present in light of some of the good things happening at Westminster Church.

October 2010 — “Hey You, Priest! (Yes You) God is Calling.” This was presented at St. Andrew’s, King Street, in Toronto as a part of the day-long celebration in honour of the Rev. Dr. George Vais.  It is a consideration of the biblical idea of the “priesthood of all believers.”


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