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The Christian Gospel (Good News)

In this video I briefly describe the Christian “gospel” (a word that means good news).

Psalm 139

Here is a video with selected verses narrated from Psalm 139.


Better Than Before

This is a conversation I had with pastors Alex Douglas and Christine O’Reilly in May 2020. In light of COVID-19, do we want things to go back to how they were before, or BETTER than they were before? It’s a conversation inspired by an article written by Darryl Dash, Director of the Advance Church Planting Institute, for The Gospel Coalition Canada called “Better Than Before.” We discuss community that is more appreciated, faith-at-home that is more intentional, and personal discipleship that is more central to our daily lives.


The Glory of God

Here’s a short video with some Bible verses about glorifying God. It’s set to music and narrated by the voice of a child. SDG!


I know prayer is important, but it’s a constant battle. Can you give some tips?

Here is my response to this question in Westminster Church’s monthly ‘Q & A Forum.’ It’s an honest question, and if one person has it, I’m sure many do. Here are seven points for us to consider. It’s from March 2020.


Jesus said: ‘I Am’

This is a 52-second video of the various ‘I Am’ statements of Jesus in John’s Gospel.


Why is there so much evil and suffering if there is a benevolent being?

This is one of the biggest questions there is. And I don’t pretend to offer an easy, silver bullet answer. But in this 12-minute video from January 5, 2020, I offer some insights that I think are helpful. It was one of the questions submitted for the monthly ‘Q & A Forum’ at Westminster Church.


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the nightmare that isn’t a dream. 100% of the profits from my new book “Up!” are being given to Fight4Freedom, a local organization getting their hands dirty in the fight against trafficking in the sex trade. In this video I interview a local volunteer, Abby, to learn more about trafficking and how we can help.


How to memorize a Bible passage