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The Glory of God

Here’s a short video with some Bible verses about glorifying God. It’s set to music and narrated by the voice of a child. SDG!

I know prayer is important, but it’s a constant battle. Can you give some tips?

Here is my response to this question in Westminster Church’s monthly ‘Q & A Forum.’ It’s an honest question, and if one person has it, I’m sure many do. Here are seven points for us to consider. It’s from March 2020.

Jesus said: ‘I Am’

This is a 52-second video of the various ‘I Am’ statements of Jesus in John’s Gospel.

Why is there so much evil and suffering if there is a benevolent being?

This is one of the biggest questions there is. And I don’t pretend to offer an easy, silver bullet answer. But in this 12-minute video from January 5, 2020, I offer some insights that I think are helpful. It was one of the questions submitted for the monthly ‘Q & A Forum’ at Westminster Church.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the nightmare that isn’t a dream. 100% of the profits from my new book “Up!” are being given to Fight4Freedom, a local organization getting their hands dirty in the fight against trafficking in the sex trade. In this video I interview a local volunteer, Abby, to learn more about trafficking and how we can help.

How to memorize a Bible passage