1. Help When It Hurts

Yup, life often hurts. And although none of us are offered a free pass, God promises his presence and help through the pain. This video summarizes the 3-part teaching series called “Help When It Hurts.”

Here are the links to the full podcasts that I mention:

PART 1: ‘WITHness

PART 2: “How having a purpose helps with the pain

PART 3: “Emerging from the ashes of what you’ve been through

2. Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the nightmare that isn’t a dream. 100% of the profits from my new book “Up!” are being given to Fight4Freedom, a local organization getting their hands dirty in the fight against trafficking in the sex trade. In this video I interview a local volunteer, Abby, to learn more about trafficking and how we can help.

3. Heaven and Hell Series

In January 2019 I led a 4-part teaching series called “Heaven and Hell — What does the Bible teach about what is true (instead of what we want to be true).” Here’s a short video intro. Plus, you can download the full series manuscript here:

4. How to Simplify Your Life

In 2018 I led a 3-part teaching series called “How to simplify your life for God’s glory and your sanity.” This 12-minute video provides a summary of the 3 installments.