Date Your Spouse

Pictograms Green Background For those of you who are married, do you remember your wedding vows?

Having had the privilege of marrying several people (no, I’m not a polygamist, I’m a minister) I kind of have them memorized.

“I (so and so), take you (so and so), to be my husband/wife. To have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish; as long as we both shall live. This is my solemn vow.”

It’s future-speak. It’s not just saying “I’ll love you if such-and-such happens.” It’s more often than not an actual prediction of what will happen.

There will be better, and worse.

There will be richer, and poorer. (And that isn’t just economic language)

There will be sickness, and health.

I am really passionate about couples having strong relationships, and this includes making each other a priority.

I like the phrase “dating…

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