Heaven & Hell, Part 4 – Who goes where? (And who decides?) [Podcast]

I’ve been talking about heaven and hell. In short, heaven is incredible and hell is horrible. We should all want to go to one and not the other.

But who goes where? In other words, what makes someone right with God and given a place in heaven, and what makes someone wrong with God and therefore banished from his presence after they die?

And who decides these things?

Wow, those are huuuuge questions!

We should take them seriously because Jesus does. And Jesus loves you too much to lie to you.

So on January 27th I explore the biblical teachings. In this sermon podcast I address questions like, ‘Do all good people go to heaven?’ ‘Is hell just reserved for the ‘ultra wicked’?’ ‘What makes you right (or wrong) with God?’ ‘Is heaven something you have to earn?’ ‘How does Jesus fit into all this?’ ‘How do we talk about this with people who don’t believe?’

These are some of the most important questions you will ask. Ever.

Let’s journey together and do our best to live wisely—not based on what we want to be true, but on what actually is.

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