Coattail Conquerors [Sermon]

There are things that threaten us in life.

Maybe it’s hardship, maybe it’s something in your family, maybe it’s a personal crisis. Whatever it is, threat doesn’t mean defeat.

In this sermon from January 26, 2020 I explore Romans 8:31-39 to help us better understand who God is and what God does so that we can face the things that threaten us with greater courage.

I offer five insights from the text and direction for living more confidently in the victory that Jesus has won for his people.

Do you want more courage to face the things that threaten you? Do you want to live victoriously? Do you want to be more confident about who God is and what he does in your life? Do you want to feel better equipped for the battle you face in your mind?

If so, listen in. The message is called “Coattail Conquerors.”

Here is the video version. The audio-only download is below.

Audio-only version:

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