Free online resources and help for pastors, churches

In the wake of COVID-19, I’ve created a new page on my website with resources and help for pastors and churches.

The internet is now a significant—and unavoidable—part of many people’s lives. Since church buildings (and many programs) are now closed or cancelled, the internet is being increasingly leveraged in variety of ways.

Here is what you fill find on the page:

  • Videos for Worship or Social Media
  • Illustrations and Stories for Sermons or Blogs
  • Daily Devotionals
  • Advice for Social Media and YouTube
  • Family Devotional Resources
  • Inspirational Pictures and Quotes
  • Content related to Coronavirus
  • Other Suggestions
  • Sign-up for the “Belieder Resources” email.

Click here to access.

My prayer is that this page will help us glorify God and continue making and equipping disciples of Christ in these unprecedented times.

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