Soft Edges and Firm Centres [Sermon]

“Loving one another” is a big deal in the Bible. But we can be vague in terms of how we live out that love.

That’s why we can benefit so much from specific, practical direction.

Enter the book of James.

In this sermon from October 4, 2020, I explore James 2:1-13 and his wisdom about not showing favoritism and extending mercy to others. These things are dimensions of how we can be loving toward one another. It’s Part 3 in the Down-To-Earth series.

A church father named John Chrysostom said it well: “Mercy imitates God and disappoints Satan.”

Unlike my other recent sermons, this one was recorded from my home office. I was in self-isolation waiting for Covid-19 test results.

The YouTube version is here, and the audio-only download is underneath.

Audio-only download:

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