God’s People, God’s Priorities [Sermon PLUS extra content]

We need to focus on (and listen to) the voice of God if we are to be found faithful. Can you imagine playing on a team and never listening to the coach?

But it’s hard in a world of distraction, isn’t it? There are so many other voices and factors trying to throw us off course!

This sermon is based on the story of the boy Jesus in the temple (Luke 2:41-52) and seeks to re-focus us on the voice of God if we are to truly be his people and set priorities that are consistent with his own.

In short, God’s people pursue God’s priorities.

As always, the YouTube version of the sermon is below. However, you will notice that there are TWO audio-only files underneath. The first is the sermon itself.

The SECOND is a new feature. It includes extra material. Why? Because when I’m preparing sermons, there is always additional research that is done, but which I don’t always share in the sermon itself. This podcast presents it to you and is for those who are hungry to go deeper. Like a tree with deep roots, rising high, secure against the bracing winds of the world, and sharing life with others, so is God’s word to his disciples.

YouTube version:

Audio-only version:

Bonus material – Going deeper with Luke 2:41-52:

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