Your Questions about Easter (and the answers)

How do a magical bunny, eggs, the names “Maundy” and “Good Friday,” and the death of an innocent man all come together?

These questions often arisethis time of year so I’ve put them together in a blog.

1. Why does the date always change?

Christmas is a fixed day. But Easter is based on the Paschal Full Moon. Since the date is determined by the lunar schedule, it fluctuates. But it’s always between March 21 and April 25.

2. What does the word “Easter” mean?

Some word-origin dictionaries trace it through various languages meaning different spring-ish things. According to one person it is connected to an old Anglo-Saxon spring or fertility goddess called “Eostre.”

However, as Christianity grew it began to use the name for it’s own celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus (which coincided with spring).

Since the name can be confusing or may have concerning origins, some…

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