Keeping composure under strain – a talk with Christine O’Reilly

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly.

Sometimes I discuss a featured topic, sometimes share an interview, and sometimes lead a biblical study.

This episode is a talk with the Rev. Christine O’Reilly about keeping your composure under strain. No one can earn a degree in composure-keeping, of course; but Christine is a friend and colleague who is able to stay focused and loving even through the strains and stresses of life.

Christine is a pastor, wife, mother, grandmother, hockey player and musician. She has a deep love for Jesus, and lives out her faith on a daily basis with sincerity, humility, wisdom and confidence.

Here are some of the topics we touch on:

  • The fraying nature of our current time
  • Composure as “gracious, faithful focus under pressure”
  • Maintaining perspective when you’re not in control
  • The age of distraction and derailment
  • How composure helps you be a blessing to others
  • The connection between composure and self-control
  • “What goes into us shapes what comes out of us”
  • Practices that grow our capacity to maintain composure
  • Holy detachment
  • Redeeming our souls from the onslaught of the world
  • Learning from examples of godly composure in our lives

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