Caution Counsel Encouragement [Sermon]

Are you open to hearing from God for this specific chapter of your life? Do you need a word of caution, a word of counsel, or a word of encouragement?

In this sermon on Hebrews 5:11 – 6:12, I take us through the text and invite us to consider which word God might be sharing with us.

  • God cautions us because he loves and wants the best for us. (A loving heart often manifests as growling teeth.)
  • God counsels us because we need to be confident in the ABC’s before we can move on to greater spiritual maturity. (If you try to run before you can walk you may actually going backwards.)
  • God encourages us because he sees and values our faith, work and servanthood. (Ours is a God of faithfulness, not forgetfulness.)

The sermon is called “Caution Counsel Encouragement.”

Here is the audio version of the sermon:

In addition, you can access the extra “growing deeper” background content as a part of The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan by going here (or by finding it wherever you subscribe to podcasts — iTunes (Apple), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or TuneIn). It’s called “Christian immaturity, apostasy, and getting back on track.”

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  1. This new format is harder to navagate. I wanted to watch and listen to your sermon of Oct 25 th, but could not. What am I doing wrong. Thanks. Lloyd Weeks Kitchener.

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