The invalid, the Sabbath, and what it means that God is always working (Growing Deeper with John 5:1-18)

An invalid is healed, Sabbath-police get angry, and Jesus’ words invite both fury and joy. “My Father is working until now, and I am working.”

The fact that Jesus does God’s work no matter what might be a soul-refreshing word you need to hear in this weary chapter.

The Pulse Podcast is about living abundantly wholeheartedly. It includes different kinds of content: Interviews, featured topics, or biblical studies. This episode is the later—an in-depth look at John 5:1-18. We have been journeying through the Gospel of John, and after two weeks away, we’re back with chapter 5.

I take us through the text, provide context and background (including some fascinating and fortifying history about trying to find the famed Pool of Bethesda), and invite us to ponder the significance of this text in a way that is practically helpful.


The sermon connected to this same section of text is called “Exhale” and can be accessed here.

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