Looking within and spiritual disciplines as we seek to love God – an interview by Chris Pullenayegem

I was recently interviewed by Chris Pullenayegem from the Vancouver School of Theology as a part of their Congregational Vitality Initiative.

This podcast is a recording of that conversation. There’s also a YouTube version of our talk (link below). It’s aimed at people training for ministry, but I think our discussion is of interest to a wider audience as well.

He asked me about:
-spiritual disciplines as a part of our love for God
-how to encourage a congregation to engage in spiritual disciplines
-using the Bible in a transformative way
-living in a context of spiritual warfare
-having a biblical worldview
-being clear about what our goals are
-how to nurture a discipleship ethos in a congregation
-what advice I might give to a newer pastor who also wants to create a discipleship ethos in their congregation.

You can find the links and resources that were mentioned below.




Links and resources mentioned:

To see this as posted for the Vancouver School of Theology click here.

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