True Repentance: Create in me a Clean Heart [Sermon]

A Methodist minister was once asked to stop speaking about sin so plainly. He replied: “Would you like me to replace the label on a poison jar to say its peppermint?” In other words, it’s not loving to lie.

I’ve preached over 600 sermons in 15 years. Generally speaking, people respond well to sermons about compassion, community, and even commitment. Sin and repentance are tougher subjects. They require honesty. But we also need the reminder that God is merciful and loving, that he guides us forward, and that the change he works in us is actually good for us!

This sermon on Psalm 51 explores King David’s many sins and also his sincere repentance. It also provides four practical steps for us to follow as well.

True repentance is wanting your heart to follow your tongue.

Below is the YouTube video version. Under that is the audio-only download. There is no ‘growing deeper’ background content this week.



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